Fellowship of Fallcrest

Into the Swamp

Last week, the fellowship picked up a new member when Vincent met a human shepherd-turned-adventurer, Decker. Decker fights with his father’s saber, and has developed a skill whereby he can throw a small glass ball with magical force. Decker was greatly taken aback by the carnage seen in the Golden Grain Inn, but as Vincent was seeking his paladin friend, he reluctantly decided to follow. Their investigation led to the mayor’s house, where the mayor heard their story with suspicion and some fear. Not getting the answers they needed, the moved on to the local temple of Pelor, where they discovered the priestess and four unarmed temple brethren brutally slain in the main room, before the great statue of Pelor. There they met up with the rest of the party, and after some awkward discussion they decided to proceed. Raiann elected to continue searching for the other two missing party members while Vincent and Decker explored the temple’s lower levels with the rest of the party: Steelaw, Reaper, Slade, and Quigon.

In the lower levels they encountered a small ogre as well as some troglodytes. That matter settled, the party decided to move on toward the cultists headquarters in the swamp. This journey took a couple days and led to a circular area about 100 feet across, deep in the swamp, surrounded by a crude earthen dyke. In the center there was a bunker, with many tracks leading to and from it. While strategizing how to approach the bunker, the party began to hear the croaking sounds of large frogs, and were thus motivated to forge ahead. The bunker itself opened to a large, muddy stairway leading about sixty feet deep into the ground, with the moldy odors of swamp throughout.

At first the party thought to have Vincent, a changeling, try to pass himself off as the cultist priestess. And this might have worked, but the party did not know the password, so the first encounter with guards soon led to battle. And that battle led to more battle as the rest of the guards were brought forth. The party worked their way through these cultist guards as well, and even found some sleeping female guards. Showing no mercy, the party tried to kill these women in their sleep and soon had them slain as well. Also nearby, the party had an encounter with a green slime that was hiding in a mud puddle; but thanks to Vincent’s smart thinking, the party dumped a dead body on the puddle first, which drew out the slime and allowed the party to get the jump on it.

Now, with the front guards dealt with, the party is read to venture further into the dungeon, in search of Explicitica, the evil leader of the cult…



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